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Southeastern trains

Posted on August 7, 2011 with 0 comments
On 6/6/11 Southeastern trains conducted a double debit on my account for a train ticket. It has taken 3 recorded delivery letters, 8 calls ( approx two hours in time ) to their premium line so called customer care. All this in an attempt to recovery money effectively stolen from my account. Southeastern have then almost demanded that I PROVE that this double debit happened and provide copies of my bank statement. They then sent a cheque for the £15 ticket and £10 goodwill. I do not wish to process this cheque as they implies acceptance of their offer.

Where I to have taken a train without a ticket and should I have been caught by one of their inspectors I would have been hauled up in court. More than likely received a fine and a criminal record. And yet they believe that a £10 goodwill payment is sufficient when they are stealing from my account, which is what I consider their double debit transactions to be. They have more than made that money on the charges I will get from the phone [...]
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