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New Book - July 17, 2013

Well, i have taken some while off from music and now the results are out.

I have written a book on the history of Health and Safety in the UK.

The Book is called "Safe at Work? Ramazzini versus the attack on health and safety."

The link to the publisher website, Spokesman books, is below

Have a look and enjoy !

Translator - June 23, 2011

HiroshAmour: Live - November 21, 2009

Well, 19th November at the Purple Turtle was a serious event. This proved to be not just a CD launch but the emergence of a major force in rock music. All other bands on the bill paled into insignificance after the HiroshAmour had played. And boy did they play, it was an excellent set worthy of comparison with any major acknowledged rock band. Where the likes of U2 are falling foul of repetition with there offerings these days HiroshAmour offered a fresh and vibrant approach and some cool improv too during the set. A sublime live version of Suicide Bomber would be a great anthemic close out number for any arena, large, huge or even the modest Purple Turtle.
All that these boys need now to elevate themselves to world status is a European Tour, a tour of the USA and somebody prepared to promote (or that dreaded word market) them in the manner that a major record label after "signed" status would have done for them in the past.
The power house drumming was equally matched by the charismatic bass playing and the full on and inventive sonic soundscape from guitar and vocals belying the trio status. Bigger venues beckon, soon I hope for them and me.
So "One" for the future then.....

HiroshAmour : One - November 5, 2009

Some time ago I ventured to Sarff London to a gig by HiroshAmour. It was pretty mellow and chilled out with a collection of engaging grooves and harmonies that proved to enhance a relaxing evening. Consequently, I was pretty sure what to expect when I started to listen to their new release, oh how naive you can be.........

The opening track I thought “that is a poorly recorded vocal”, then it slowly dawned upon me, that the track is called Fever and those vocals are exactly how you hear people when you have a Fever and the music only emphasised that very experience.With the excellent intricately grooved drum and ostinato bass line it certainly gives all the sense and feeling of being in a Fever and the soundscapes overlaid by guitars and in some regard the vocals a very dark grooving fever indeed.

On my first listen through of these releases I instantly knew what my favourite track was, Critical Mass. You can instantly recognise the influences but still acknowledge the originality and full bodied fun of this composition. The dark brooding bass and the full tilt drumming with thick, dense swathes of guitar. Just the track to be listening to as I sit here with the added aural excitement of bonfire night exploding outside, perfect. I put it on repeat to ensure that I didn’t miss anything. I didn’t, it was great fun.

To ensure that all my senses were exposed and turned on we had Suicide Bomber with the highly charged and inventive rhythm section going at it hell for leather with a suitably manic vocal and screaming guitar and the most insidiously captivating thing about this song was just how bloody embedded it gets into your brain almost immediately.

For those now believing that this is some post apocalyptic industrial rock, nothing could be further from the truth, as these guys have retained the chilled out songs too with The Puppeteer having both piano and possibly a gamelan (?) to complement the subtle harmonies. They also leave the drummer to his own devices on the excellent and rhythmically inventive Manji which is sadly too short but thankfully owes no favours to any other percussive solo outings found elsewhere in rock.

The delights of Sweet Tooth, Orpheus and the sublime Sacrifice I leave to you to draw your own conclusions. For me this is an excellent first release with enough variation and invention to keep me amused, engaged and entertained on every play. If you are seeking X Factor music leave this one well alone as it is performed and honed by skilled musicians who dearly love their craft and who are engaged in openly acknowledging their influences whilst not being limited to their predecessors conduct or that of some overblown ego intent on extracting as much cash as he can from a very limited format.

Hirosh definitely Amour and “One” for my collection and should be yours too. I am now sure to be at their CD launch at the Purple Turtle in Camden on the 19th November, if you get the chance you should too.

Norton Balcheevers.

New York, New York...... - April 9, 2009

Los Angeles is the centre of music for studio production in my view as it accesses the film and TV world too. However, the centre for excellence and Jazz in particular I have always felt is on the East Coast and centred around New York City and New York State. It was, therefore, immensely gratifying to receive such positive feedback from WAER 88.3fm of New York.

I have already said that it is amazing that we have received radio play for some of our tracks that I always considered too long for radio stations to consider airing them. Yet here we have another radio station playing songs which are all five minutes or longer !! So much for my theory that you had to hit a 3 or 3.5 minute song length to get air play. Clearly, i was mistaken and have lived under a misapprehension for some time. I always considered our lack of 3 minute material to be a barrier to this access but here we have a Radio Station DJ highlighting 4 tracks of 22 minutes of music !! Incredible, it is equally incredible and immensely satisfying that not only has 33% of the album been named as played on this radio station, but that the clear indication is that these tracks are played MORE THAN other tracks thus giving us a huge vote of confidence in the overall content of the album. It is also very pleasing that our versions of Marvin Gaye and Chick Corea songs are given such prominence.

Not until now have I realised just how important positive endorsement of your efforts are. We have thru' Joocy News posted reviews on other artists material and seen it then posted on their websites and felt that it must have been a suitably balanced perspective, but now with such understated and yet powerful validation I feel that all of the hard work is in some measure re paid by the review from a radio station in an area where they know their subject and are not afraid to call it for what it is, this time its good and consequently i shall be basking in this glow for a little while and I suspect so will the rest of the guys.

This is, of course, not to denigrate the other really neat reviews that have also been posted from Australia, Macedonia, Netherlands et al but for decades now New York has always been my acknowledged Jazz Central and as such it hits the spot.

I'm off now to see if I can pick up WAER on internet radio to check out other bands.... see ya.

What a neat thing to say.... - February 23, 2009

We had a real neat comment today from Vasya Ivanovski regarding our music and the "Jazz Spaces" radio programme which broadcasts out of Skopje in Macedonia on Bluebell Maritime.

Vasja included "Joocypeach's excellent material" on this show. It was only requested mid February and on the 17th it was playing as part of the playlist.

You normally expect radio stations to only select tracks that are in the proximity of 3 minutes and yet our version of Marvin Gaye's "What's Goin' On" is 5 minutes and our title track "Jeweltown" is 6 and a half minutes but Vasja played both. What a huge compliment. How neat is that !!

it is so refreshing to know that there are still Radio stations and DJ's that do not just stick with the 3 minute format song, most excellent !!

Radio plays and more .... - February 19, 2009

Well, what a cool month so far with a major burst of activity.

We have now had requests for Jeweltown from loads of radio stations worldwide since the 4th February.

It is quite awe inspiring to see requests coming from places such as Belarus, Macedonia & Colombia and then it is that you realise the power of the net. Truly mind boggling. Where do these people look and how do they search to seek us out, I don't know but it is great to see.

I can see how Radio Seagull (formerly Radio Caroline) would connect with us as we are, globally, "just down the road" and it was great to get their request but I am still in shock with some of the others. You don't realise what an appetite for Independent music there is until this happens, just great !!

To add awe to awe we then got a load of hits and downloads for our first album "Midnight Over Erith" notified to us today.

if you are those responsible persons, gracias. And welcome.

Hits, downloads and requests we love 'em. There's an album title there somewhere !!

Joocypeach does iTunes - January 23, 2009

The latest Joocypeach CD is now also available as Mp3 dowloads on iTunes.

it is great to see it up there, yet another collection of joocypeach tunes to add to our burgeoning library.

Try one or try 'em all.

We even now have a track with Guest vocalist Anthony Michael ex "Kule T" of MN8 fame ! Check it out !!!!

CDBaby hits - January 23, 2009

It is once again CDbaby leading the way for joocypeach. A record number of hits for the first two weeks of release of "Jeweltown".
There has been substantial response and all very positive.
However, we await the first elusive sighting of any "Scotchbrook " review....

London Gaza protest - January 11, 2009

It was good to take part in this protest (in London yesterday) at the Israeli bombing of Gaza.

There were many speeches and some poetry of varying quality. Nonetheless, the reasons that predicated such offerings were highly justified.

It was good to see that the vast majority of the protesters understood that this was not a protest against Judaism, but most definitely a protest against Zionist aggression.

The maiming & killing of people under whatever excuse is intolerable. When it is people already being subjected to concentration camp conditions by their more aggressive neighbour then it is deeply offensive, and some are convinced against international law.

The excuses of rockets being fired from Gaza seems somewhat weak and thin when it is seen against the backdrop of border blockade on all fronts thereby controlling the import (or not) of the vital water, bread and medicines. Even Tsun Tsui knew in the 5th century BC that if you trapped a creature and gave it no visible means of escape, before accepting death it would try and "go through you" to escape. Israel offers the Gazans no escape and relief and they knew their response born out of a conflict of wills over generations not just the past 60 years of the State of Israel.

Behaviour breeds behaviour so violence begets violence. It is also accepted that more often than not those that have been abused eventually become the abusers. So as Israel's forebears have been abused by the Nazi's now the Israeli's are abusing Palestinians. And so the violence and murder persist.

One day we will have another leader of true vision in the Middle East to promote and achieve peace in the region. Finally, the talking must begin. The reconciliation is tough but essential and inevitable. They have achieved it in part in both South Africa and Northern Ireland and one day and hopefully soon it will be the Palestinians turn.

Released today...... - January 5, 2009

Joocypeach's third CD "Jeweltown" is officially released today.

A collection of 12 Soul Jazz songs including two cover versions of some classic material.

It's available at now and also just for starters.

Go on, you know you want to, treat yourself.

Scotchbrook is sought.... - December 30, 2008

Joocypeach has always admired and been highly amused by the work of music reviewer Dennis Scotchbrook.

Scotchbrook is never vicious when reviewing songs and albums he doesn't care for, but always entertaining and very pithy.

Joocypeach prize a DS more than an Oscar. However, he is a modern day Scarlet pimp and cannot be currently located on the net. Do you know where he is ? Have you read a recent review ? Do you have contact details ? What is the price for a review these days, is it more than one lager ?

Do you have the means to help ? Every Joocypeach CD has had a DS before but we haven't seen or heard from him this time. We are so desperate for a DS that we are even going without brunch to surf the net, currently without success. If you know where he is let us know......

No.1 fan.... - December 20, 2008

He's done it again. My postman, Paul, as soon as he heard we'd a CD on Pre release was knocking on my door for a copy of Jeweltown. he loved the artwork too...

He's already told me the tracks he likes on just a couple of listens. And he's placed his order for his T shirt.

What a great omen, Paul has been our first CD purchaser on each of the CD's we've released. he deserves the title of No.1 fan.

Jeweltown on Pre release now - December 20, 2008

Joocypeach's new collection Jeweltown is now available to the select few!!! You know who you are as you have already been mailed.

For those of you who have difficulty picking up your mail you can now listen to and /or buy tracks at

We didn't realise at the time, but we do now, that you can also purchase the artwork there too.

Coming soon also, we will be posting a bio of Will Bidewell, one of the featured guitarists on the Jeweltown release. Check out his playing on a couple of tracks which are already getting great feedback......

Jeweltown arrives..... - December 8, 2008

The latest release by Joocypeach is on its way......

Another 12 song collection.

But for your interest we have included a Joocypeach version of other artists songs as well.

We also welcome 3 new instrumentalists who contributed some impressive work to embellish this latest library of pieces.

The friends we have made in Jerez de la Frontera were the inspiration and the gateway to a beautiful town and a beautiful country.

We hope you agree that we have shown an intriguing insight into a superb and yet complex country and people.

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